Bollock Swine vs Kylie Minoise – split cassette on Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper Tapes:

Blob Blab

Bollock Swine – Wallop Cervix:

These fuckin’ guys …. five new tracks from this intercontinental Anti-Listener Korean/Japanese globe-frotter mega oddity, recorded in Osaka, summer 2023 … outlandish, injuriously original & peerless Blastcore – at impossible speeds & strenuosity .. an avalanche of improbabilities – primo Gunk, avant-noisecore exotica, chronic disorientation screamcore Abnorm & hasrh free-form fracas, hurtling d & c beat grindnoise, crammed to rupturing with eccentricities from 80s-90s arcade & console sonics, incoherent arthouse obscura & hyper-niche distortion eso-garble & idio-scrape, with two sows on vocals/bio-noise alongside Japa-Korean girl & guy blabber histrionica. They burst the ante in every single region, speed, stamina, hysterics, weirdness, disparatism, erraticism, noisiness, barbarism, overloading – the fucking lot …… so sick you will shit yourself multiple new dimensions & still not be able to muster a covering sentence to capture this ineffable, runaway freak of frenzy …. 奇想天外!

Colossal Asteroid Hazard (excerpt)

Kylie Minoise – Colossal Asteroid Hazard:

Resurgence of veteran vandal Lea Cummings/Kylie Minoise, reasserting with a whopping 24-minute omni-mangler from the Scottish hazardous substance specialist. Colossal Asteroid Hazard spews a single stream of harsh, bedraggled cyber-scrap-noise … hulking interstellar debris, billowing Industrial effluent & corroded space junk rust-rend with cross competing frequencies, scouring static abrasions, chaotic & turbulent interruption & badly blossoming incompatibilities – flat-lining, bad signal, overheating machinery, faulty mechanics & spill-over, fall-out & feedback maximal malfunction in a sprawl of acid-eaten harsh harrying hallucinogen stippled with intermittent, crushed & defiled Kikanju Baku Breakcore randomizations.

translucent neon-green shell with duo-coloured spray-paint stencils, pink casing, pro-printed colour sleeve & fold-out double-sided micro-poster, RTM reel for superior sound quality, limited to x418 hand-numbered copies.


also available via Kovorox Sounds –

still gelatinous –

Bollock Swine/886VG – split cassette:

ye gudddz!

Bollock Swine – Gush Gyna Junk-Gyre Geto Garbage:

outrageous & preposterous, fantastical Anti-Listener surrealist blast-blur-gunk-gratecore-grindnoise-blastcore avant-lard intercontinental Korean Japanese screamcore extravagantua – that has to be heard to be believed. so fast, noisy, absurd, milling, paroxysmal, labile, unrelenting, hyperactive & harsh it should be fucking outlawed! ballooning with appallingly odd samples – where hysterical, ultra-esoteric & eccentric obsessions are amplified & overwrought & overstretched then mashed & muddled into the maelstrom to create new hyper-novel extremisms to inflame & intoxify something that already blats in a league completely & totally of its own.

決闘 K-Slop!

girl & guy Japanese & Korean vocalists that sound like some bloke getting devoured in the open air by a swarm of carnivorous locusts whilst some chick gives birth to a car sideways. there’s also a dog on vocals. yes! a real dog! they actually somehow got a real dog to commence total noisecore histrionic howling vocals, captured it well, & have intermangled it with this apex obscenity (the same was achieved on Wallop Cervix with two pigs).

“Dog Vortex”

it’s actually that ridiculous.

the messiest, most murdering, mayhemic of mutant maimingz maginable’ mothafuccca!!

rarer than rare, completely stand-alone shit that goes way, way, way-the-fuck- further than anything or anybody else.


886VG – Never Stop Learning:

two new tracks of scorching, cardio-to-cable, premium harsh noise overdrive. biting, rapid, dextrous, almost dare we say – “suave” – whilst remaining utterly destroying, hostile & harsh. gorgeous harsh frequencies & maximalist shock power, crackling & explosive harsh current acrobatics with smudgings of adroitly alloyed synth smash. also hulks superb cut-up glitching, erratic spasticity, mechanical/electronic error & short-circuiting acute seizure episodes.

incinerating, obliterating, invigorating, harsh noise masterclass.

vim volt velocity … hirk unerrgy.

tongue-swelling, sialogogic fluorescent yellow – withdrawn-kids-candy health hazard cassette shell with alternate-directional & mismatching size colour stickers & hand-sprayed contrasting graffiti stencils (thunderbolt & pixelated heart designs), artisan one-panel ultra-thick unglossed card sleeve & fold-out double-sided A4-poster lashed on with varying colours elastic bands, all limited to x303 hand-numbered-fucking-copies.

Kylie Minoise

harsh, trashed, tattered & lacerating, live rail, emergency incident, public disorder & fatal current shock noise from Scottish black market junk smuggler. paranoic, raw, shocked-out, iridescent ambi-trauma, aggravating the psychotic episodes of breakdown, intoxication, flip-out, paranormalism, nervous inflammation, logical collapse, cardiac arrest, emotional overload, violent outburst & unconventional space travel, sifting frantically – with bare hands – through the waste, collateral & refuse of a Frankenstein conspiracy, counter-culture, cult-offshoot, sleeper cell rogue agent hopped-up on bedroom laboratory experimental drugs on a suicide mission for disenfranchisement plenary at the behest of imaginary antagonists.


Reforester/Eddie x Murphy ultra-limited split cassette:


Reforester/Eddie x Murphy split cassette:

Reforester: anti-listener arboreal blast-noise –

non-stop, milling, turbo-endurance-blastcore one-kick-pedal downpour with ultra-energetic fills surging & blitzing continually alongside rough, harsh, skanky, piercing, rending, ultra-raw & hyperactive harsh noise riot.

ExMx: Italian trash-pale noisegrind –

scuzzy double-kick blasting garbage noise with geet’ clods of rough-hewn d-beat grindcore drums dumped among trashed, low-end, lo-fi, double attacker noise scum-scour & drunk bastard lummox bellow drawing on the concept of nautical pollution, human contamination & ecological atrocity.

two panel sleeve on high-quality heavy recycled paper, two colour stickers, orange shell with custom ink stamp & colour stickers, cassette version limited to just x38 hand-numbered copies on TGS-Tapes with RMT thread for superior sound quality.

Bollock Swine – Osaka menolepsy emergency episode –

Bollock Swine > > >

fresh “mow-down, melt-back & 멍멍이” live blat from Bollock Swine in Osaka with the crank from ひみつキング screeling scrum.

so thas’ further unscripted & immoderate oestro-centric caterwauling avant performance pus & unmatched noise-blast burnout like nothing else on earth –be it myth, man-made r’ machine.

“mow-down, melt-back & 멍멍이”

Kuttekop/Mourmansk150-split cassette:

uh-oh! more allo-intellectual-nutfuck-noisegrind & bizarre-nightmare-psychedelic-breakblast from paranormal pus pathogen Kuttekop.“esoteric vandalism” muddling & miskewing .. where a high standard of artistic abnormality is mangled with the most awful & unforgivingly extremist absurdist malformation – eliciting a terrific & traumatic teratoid tox tosh brain-scour & sensory shredding with immediate exotic infection & subsequent eruption & extraordinary inflammation setting off somatic subdivisionary subsidence in the seventh postulate.

coextensive colonial cancerization ……….. the Mourmansk syndrome.

Mourmansk150-RETURN TO NORD-OST:
Mourmansk150 dish drastic & severe extreme electronics, rending harsh noise unrest & massively unsettling agitation, confrontation & condemnation from the cult, wayward French antagoniser & insurrectionist.

both groups – inhabiting contrasting yet overlapping extremes – compound each others contumacy, resulting in peak micro-meltdown & sweeping control loss.

clog-popping design & layout from Non-Negotiable-Notoriety, white shell with customised ink stamps & glossed labels, 5-panel sleeve, extractable pamphlet & double pull-outs. limited to x274 hand-numbered copies & wound on RMT thread for superior sound quality.
LOD is great!


Intense & rupturing, connoisseur-quality, politicised-harsh-scald. Reviling, indignant, anti-corruption extreme electronics outrage, smashing out adeptly assembled brain-melt, hard-rend, garbled obstreperations & skin-strip, constructive chaos, digitized pummelling & fantastical harsh hostility. A-grade destructive frequencies for maximized meltdown discordancy blowout……immaculate.



a deeply disturbed & paranormal misinterpretation of mangled, macerated motley Gunk, scrapped extreme noisegrind – weirdo -noisecore, grating garbage-strewn harsh junk, flaking-feedback cauterization, & sallow analog electronics puke-spray, cross-contaminated with advanced avant-garde undesirability, absurdist breakcore fracture, palpitant Glitch prognostication, trash-jazz decompression hysterics & astounding oddity, allo-intellectualized by gibbering spastic warble-rot, intoxicated Industrial murk, suppurating synths & skittering improvised decompositions, unt anachronized with appalling weirdness, mega-mutation, badly corroded cybergrind harsh-bilge & fizzing medical waste fermentation & DNA-fallout. Has the shyster-supergroup hex of Dennis von Geldrop (Nee!), Sjak van Bussel (DMDN) & Dr.黒表himself – Yaju Kikanju Baku 無敵


Reforester-Undisturbed Woodland Habitat cassette LP:

Undisturbed Woodland Habitat
Reforester-UWH + Mendacity Mogul compilation + Sylvanic Sprawl (2013 demo) excerpt mp3

crikey! a whole new LP from Reforester – therefore ascribing – atrociously ferocious, insatiable torikowashi blastcore-forest-noisecore berserk-botanical-barbarism, tree-venerating, plant-worshipping, beast-brain blast-gunk …. as is ordained – the most ludicrous, gigantic, whopping, feral blastbeats – non-stop! – enshrouded in the thickest moil of tearing, ragged, shredding guitar-noise frenzy & densest discordance deconstruction…..ridiculously fast, inexorable & exorbitantly relentless, ultra-agile, highly-explosive, wall-to-wall, foot-to-floor, out-and-out, hell-for-leather – storming, run-away, off-the-rails, out-of-control anti-listener noisegrind water-deification super-velocity moku-miki-muka blitz-blat.

fourteen tracks in just over 30 minutes, alternate guitar berserker per side, black case, either ice or transparent dull-green shells, specialized on-body colour-stickers, high-quality colour 3-panel insert, numerous pro-printed colour accessories, limited to 156 copies, comes with a free acorn. £12.00 per copy.

Fuck Fossil Fuels

more konwaku concerning Undisturbed Woodland Habitat on Bleg

PMNT-Com Supremo Com Tudo cassette LP:


The word from Brazil …. nerve burn, neuralgia, panic stricken, flustered, fucked, rending, wound-addled, conceptually-loaded political harsh noise… rapid bursts of harsh malfunction & ripping Industrial malformation tarred with sweeping Dark Ambient & aggrieved, angst-stricken, over-distressed Glitch & badly distorted IDM fracture, despair, horror, violent recoiling, collapse, upheaval, disturbance, turmoil, mutiny, emergency measures, national insecurity, spiraling crisis – harsh, brutal, incinerating bombardment, intensely erratic psychological-dismemberment, searing feedback puncture & destroying rampageous blunt-force apoplexy draped in samples from Brazil’s recent swell of extraordinary mega-corruption & corporate coup – condensed chaos.

PMNT are a tower of ultra-harsh, highest standard, politically-charged Stridor maim & all-encompassing electronic maul – barging the margins & pushing the extremities to new altitudes.

9 tracks in just under 50 minutes, green shell with customized ink stamps or an alternative bronze stencil, audio on superior RTM thread, yellow case, full colour four panel sleeve, full-colour & double-sided fold-out pamphlet with design by Non-Negotiable -Notoriety. £15 each, hand-numbered to 193 copies.

Com Supremo Com Tudo

more details –

Toff Stabber

Class terror, tycoon murdering, celeb-hating, defaced-Noisegrind, Scour Histrionics, Gunk, Blastcore mega-belligerence from the hovels of the shantytown. bulk-sinew-blast-brawn to make you puke your entire stomach section – shocking cardiac-paroxysm & nervous convulsion of hard-line User-Hostile blastcore noise-bray abhorrence reinforced with stone-age utilities for the worst catalogue of mass blunt-force injuries ever committed to the emergency theatre …. terrible, shocking, savage, bestial with appalling barbarianism, raw like a mole-hill exit-wound .. somehow crossed with a short-circuiting calculator spewing seven-digit algebra contingencies through a math-jazz malware malfunction with it’s interface going through a garden-shredder. Prone to eruptions of Flensecore & furious dysfunctional dismemberment, wrenched-dislocation & net-all destructive triage at its most draconian. flush guts – guts flush!

UK/Latin America

NABEG – Economic Gain – Ecological Ruin cassette LP:

chaos Kowloon

Catastrophic injury. Its here. An onslaught of destructive overdrive, vicious, savage, berserk Scour Histrionics Flensecore rancour that surpasses all previous margins. Sustained & multiple assault from Animal Machine, 886VG, Napalmed, Mourmansk150 & Ukraine noise guitarist Ilja Bilga – harsh, soft-tissue shredding turmoil, free-burning all-devouring chaos, frenzy & volatility over disastrous badly-broken erratic blitz of mutant-bad break-Fray-free-excoriation-severity from Kikanju Baku hurtling at preposterous velocity. Smashed into this violently tangential inferno is an instability of live source samples from Hong Kong’s recent political uproar – ground fucking zero conflict, confrontation, disorder & exigency from a nation in revolt. A lengthy & painstaking month of meticulous editing through the plethora of source noise & samples has resulted in this historic, unprecedented dose of ultra’ ultra Noise violence & extra exacerbated Apoplexy pandemonium. Total, total excess, over-spill & overwhelm. Hand numbered (312 copies) & crafted silver shell with individual gold-daub, colour stickers, gold case, accessories & high quality pull-out poster with design by Non-Negotiable-Notoriety plus four panel sleeve. Eleven tracks – over an hours worth of maim & maul. The heart of the fucking storm. £10.00

utter destructive supremacy – NABEG

NABEG: Economy = Extinction EP


The violent expulsion & excoriation of corruption in all forms. An exploding emergency of horrifically fractured all-destroying Noise-profusory, hard Breakcore, Noisegrind, Gunk, Fray, Free Jazz, Riot-Gear, extreme Psychedelics & rabid-improvised-hysteria conflagrating completely out-of-control. This loose amalgamation of pyroclastic styles & intensely-volatile energies undergo severely disfigured transmutations & deformed-combinations, creating a truly unparalleled cataclysm with some of the most ridiculous velocity & matter-stripping-hurtling inflicting unmatched bedlam & mega-turbulence. Declared “Apoplexy” or “Flensecore” for its singular distinction & indelible destructive capacity, this intensely focused, fiercely politicized run-away disorder continues to shatter & decimate boundaries, definitions, limits & records.


download Nabeg’s ECONOMY = EXTINCTION album here –

Miracle Power Combination

no dogs! no Irish! no black-belts!

Oh yeah! – Vandalized guy n’ gal trash noise/noise core/scream-scruff from Texas. rusted-out and fucked over harsh raff freebasing between Shitnoise & heavy-experimentation art-house cacograph with a whole scrapheap of siphoned extras swilling the jetsam. Fuckin’ garbage-electronics, distorted MPC programming, scuffed Industrial squalor, raw, dirty & lo-fi power electronics, junk noise, grot-synths, samples, screams, horse-shit-blast-drums & other decaying & abraded debris. A mythic equilibrium between art-rubbish-insouciance-effort.. pensiveness & puke!!

Austin, Tejas

New World

The foremost founding member of 90’s Noisegrind Gunk sensation World – Hiroshi Zen, returns to the same project. isolation, psychosis, institutional incarceration, narcotics & alcohol abuse have greatly disrupted the purity & capacity …. what remains of the initial intentions is now (depending on the musicians available) primitive Noise or slow mastic Sludge-Noise atrophy.

Osaka, Japan


Stridor, make-shift, abrupt mood changes, pass-outs, flat-lines, scraped metal, intensive care unit, malfunction, double prostration, oversized exit wounds, the worst tooth-ache, neuralgia, extreme feed-back, computerized dystrophy, blunt object amputations, harsh, dirty, fatal, terrible fractures to the skeleton & fresh dirt in multiple open wounds, open-arse-surgery with welding equipment.


Bollock Swine-Faster Than All The Rest; deformed, disfigured discography download:

When erogenous appendages swell larger than the baring-host, enveloping the victim/victor in their own pink, palpus & pulsing outsplay – it can only mean one thing……. NEKO-NEKO-BOLLOCK!!! Lo! – The most implausible, superhuman, frenzied, hysterical, toxic-mega-experiment gone-extravagantly-awry sinks the fleet with over an hours’ worth, yes! over an hours’ worth! Yes, that’s over an hours’ worth, of ‘bijin blur’ yanked & hewn from their 2004-2018 releases, remixed, misdirected, mangled, malmanaged & further foibled & destroybled by exasperation-exclamation-editorials from the likes of Hinyouki, 886VG & Sewage (Huuuuuuursche! Spazmod!) pressed into the jagged & jutting junk with the most gorgeous 8-bit empyrean objet esotericism to exterminate all entities in an extended explosion of exponential oestrogenic eradication overdrive (eavesdropping)! Ovens empty (the scullery on the other hand..). can yu fuckin’ handle it? only th boldest/bawdiest/brawniest/bubbliest of bollox shall brandish! Neko-Neko-Noyzcoooooooooore!!!


神经刺痛 – Where ya’ been?

Four or five year gestation process. Anyhoo, th motherfucker is here, with an unintentional conjoined-twin <more on that later).  神经刺痛 – finalized with fourteen participants/in-patients & running at over 87 minutes of material. An exigent lobour of struggle-stippled Sisyphean body-count, we inevitably got there in th promised hind-quarters of draconian-diligences skinned teeth. The final quorum runs as follows – OPS-PSF (Tokyo), Miracle Power Combination (Texas), Bollock Swine (Korean peninsula, London), Qebrus (France), New World (Tokyo/Osaka), 886VG (Chile), Sewage (Akita), Wage-Slave Exchange (Akita), sweet sounds of the burning child (Ryuku Isles), Animal Machine (London), Shit Noise Bastards (Malaysia), Sedem Minut Strachu (Slovakia), Sodoma 93 (Greece) & Drogded (Hungary). Both Bollock Swine & New World contribute two separate & distinct sessions with variegated line-ups. We tried to load Xome & Nyctalops into th lather, but th caitiffs were too busy packing fudge! Pussies & politics. It turns out though, after all ordinance afforded, that th cassette-reel is just 10 seconds from rupturing as there is so much crammed onto this pink, luminescent-gunged bastard. So I had this concept, that added days of editing, fastidious-open-audio surgery… to mix each side as hulking chunks, connecting each cameo with a flash of hyper-anomalous fallery.. extra-esoteric samples & weirdo henka-confectionary with almost all entries also being edited specifically to create ‘drops’. Like, it wasn’t just enough to scramble some of th very’ very’ very nut-fuckest barons of Anti-Listener banjax, it had to be enhanced & further curlicued by artisan editing, just to push that fucking boat even further out to th gerdem sharks/giant vampire squids. Th results, centuple th somersaults…ripping clean through that atmosphere & disappearing from view ^ ^ . what are we talking about here? – Artisan User-Hostile Hard-Vac, Gunk, Blur, Noisegirnd, Harsh Henka Glitch Stridor, No-Skool-Noyzcore, Gush-Gyna, Warp, Blast-Blur, Distortion, Torikowashi Noise Junk. Every indulgence exonerated…yu kno our reputation, & if yu don’t? here’s yet another fitting gauge of confirmation to settle all fucking scores empirical. Now, th format n’ shit… semi pellucid pink cassette, with specialized stamp, custom made black ink stamp, either translucent green n’ blue or aqua-coloured case, colour sticker cover, colour obi & giant fold-out double sided poster, with th acclaimed Jigokuki graphic-mélange. Hand numbered to 911 copies. More on this motherfucker will be impending through bleg! (as there are so many stories, parallels & areas of idiosyncratic detail that might as well be analyzed/exposed).

Bollock Swine-enchanted fruity melon esculents/Law Facilitates Crime-thought encryption split cassette:

& th gods wept continually! For fuuuuucks-sakes!!! – Bollock Swine, in full Torikowashi, Hard-Vacuum, Tatsumaki, Blurbeat, Blast-marathon berserk mode! These x8 extirpators (9.33 minutes) are dredged from th historic 2005 Chicago sessions with founding member Donkey from Asscavern on guitar (& occasionally bass) & of course- ‘Maddest of all Motherfukurz’ Kikanju Baku on drums…rule-book destroying, drum-machine short-circuiting, record-shattering hyper Blur-Blast-Neko-Neko-Noyzcore Gunk Warp. Too fast! Stupido! Ridiculous! incomparable Shred-blur-tatsumaki-Gunk Neko-Neko-Noyzcore with a retinue of modified samples & ‘enhanced-breathlessness’ crops & drops (without cheating, track combining or overdubbing). Absurdist instrumental Anti-Listener Noise-blur-vac with secondary snares, cow-bells & jam-blocks long before th que was formed. If yu have any even vaguely authentic claim to over-speeding, hyper blast-beats, blur-beats or ‘uniquel’ OTT Noisegrind/Noisecore, these distinctly insane shits took it further than anybody else as is so traumatically demonstrated….here it is motherfuckers…can yu handle it?

Law Facilitates Crime’s “thought encryption” ep at last. eleven trax in 9.31 minutes, hyper dexterous, ultra-tight & outrageously fast Gratecore, Math-Grind, Grindcore with th kind of ferocious political dissidence & intellectual-out-thinking stuffed in th waist-band. Lashings of surly blasting/hyper blasts & hurtling single-kick pedal D-beat (not to mention th exclusive ‘Q-beat’, another notch on th pantheon). Vocals never got th chance (times, budget, fuckries), so this is purely instrumental adrenalin suffused rip-roar. with th exception of one single four second deliberation, there is not a single ‘slow/mid-paced’ moment…everything is high-speeding attack! attack! attack! including dramatic speed jumps, deft as fuck 180’s & all manner of gracile, joint-splittingly dynamic, hyper complex but astonishingly vicious & gnarled mega-blat. Kikanju Baku kicking-out machine-grind standard shelling, single foot pedal, no triggers, no drum-overdubs or linking of trax, all live/single drum takes.

Neon-green cassette with hand-inked sides, regular full colour double-sided cassette inlay (BS cover by Simon Morse), fold out verso with th usual riot of thorough nut-fuckery & subulate quality, hand-numbered to 333 copies.

Email has changed forever, Hotmail/Gates/Microsoft tongue chapped & fetid rents without pause – emergencyemancipation[at]protonmail[dot]ch

Aeons, Inclavatus Etcet & upset:

G-g-g-gosh! It’s been ages! I run two other labels concurrently, as well as an events production insurgency (two actually) & a splinter-cell journalism/culture/art web entity, so you’ll fuckin’ forgive me yis’? – (among other things). The right destination by the wrong route – allow me to unveil the latest trawling’s from the LOD sump –

Diononesiste-Inclavatus cassette. Obscure Italian, one-man, multi-instrumentalist – super raw & unkempt, vicious, fast & hostile necro-Black-Death-Grind with a strong infusion of Noise, Death Industrial/Ritualism & highly adept Prog style traces. A very high standard of instrumental ability, stained onto some matted wolfs-pelt with lo-fi, bunker production & black-market finish. Lashings of overly abundant hyper-blasting, & austere, fast shredding double-kick menace confirm an overwhelmingly belting encounter for blastbeat zealots & extremist enthusiasts. Some really exceptional drumming with vigorous & flamboyant fills, awesome punctuations & strenuous pageants of stamina. The feature constantly flirts with tenebrous Noise & ominous Dark Ambient, finally culminating in full Noise usurpation. Perhaps akin to Inhalant, mixed with a multiplication of Latex Baby, Cadaver Inc, old Dark Throne & a far more ragged & dirt-ravaged miscellany of Extreme grinding-Death aggression with beast-man of the fens, harsh venomous rasps & screams vocals. Lo-fi Or Die Records would not normally issue this kind of act, but it’s so fuckin’ good, special, rare & obscure that we felt totally behoven to act in commemoration & flag this brilliant recording. The LOD version comes with additional artwork/new lay-out & excludes one track from the original edition. Limited to just x88 hand-numbered copies. Grey cassette with slight bronze spatter, full colour high quality sleeve in black case, seven tracks spanning over 40 minutes of material.  £6.50 per copy.

Small interview with Diononesiste & further analyses of Inclavatus can be perused here –

Divelto 9-way Compilation CD:


2010? a x40-odd track don of draconian demolition that makes all other Noisecore compilations sound like a gentle saunter through a shopping complex (yes i’m dead the fuck serious prepuce-peeler). From Norway comes Krybbedod with a one-off (after which changed to Blod Sprut & toned th User-Hostility down considerably) x9 track rampage of some of th most assaulting Anti-Listener prehistoric Noise-Smash (Grind is a bit to advanced a description) ever to offend a recording device. Final Exit apparently pack “5643 songs” into a 5 minute dissonance dollop. Cult surrealist Industrial/ Experimental/ Electronics/ Noise/ Sonic Collage artists Illusion Of Safety provide one of th best tracks of their long career. Ultra high-clarity super Stridor from South Korea’s Astro Noise. Mourmansk 150 with th typical early strong-arm grievous ultra harsh maim. Cult three man magnificently User-Hostile major-harsh Noisegrind trash from Wage-Slave Exchange, Akita-Japan junk x17 micro manglers. Stunning, massively original & singular Cyber-Avant-MachineGrind-Noisecore from odd-ball ex-Cripple Bastards/Hate Box irksome-intellectual Fulvio Diverio as Divelto. Top-fuckin’-notch dirty & atmospheric Death-Industrial Noise Dark Ambient from th excellent Inhalant. Horrific, awful & disturbing harsh-garbage-bilge Noiecore & unsettlingly unpleasant DeathIndustrial from Jesus Of Nazareth.  The placement/progression of th bands, how it operates as an entire piece (if yu can fuckin’ handle it back-to-back) is a real right of passage for th Noisegrind connoisseur & Anti-Listener enthusiast.

Non-Negotiable Notoriety was TOTALLY let-off th leash for th packaging & artwork with a giant 9 panel fold-out poster printed on both sides & a glossed heavy card sheath that contains th CD & inlay. Th budget on this was horrendous & burnt me fa’ months but there’s no other way but max! everything right down to th on-body on this bad-boy is out of control. Puts so much to shame, a rare & singular peak!


Sadistic Lingam Cult – Triumph of the will CD:


Cult 90’s supernatural Eastern horror! Tokyo’s Sadistic Lingam Cult existed pretty much entirely dislocated from the Noise scene & were highly active during the mid to late 90’s on hyper obscure cassette labels often with even further hyper obscure one-shot bands. Their material varied massively in quality between releases, but this reissue (with bonus tracks) of Triumph Of The Will remains the strongest opus from the group. They are without question one of the most original Noise bands of all time, with their own highly signaturized & indelible “Oriental Black Arts/Black-Noise” which embodies a unique nightmare kaleidoscope of exotic distortions, drugged & inebriated hallucinations & malign conjuring, ritualism, deification, occultism & supernaturalism from abstruse & arcane Far Eastern mythology through purely analogue equipment. Hugely varied & vast, the CD details horrific possession/mass haunting by screaming phantoms & demonic beings churning through a nebulous fevered delirium of arcane Oriental occultism & murderous coven-hood. The album comes with a giant nine panel fold-out sleeve with meticulously detailed original うきよえ-themed full colour artwork from Minzo Shiroma. 21 tracks in 74 minutes, all re-mastered from the original master tapes by mad-man Terrorist Kriss! X1000 copies. £10.

Mourmansk 150/Terrorist Kriss – split cassette:


Two nutters from th Noise under-belly… veteran anti-scene maverick Mourmansk150 inflicting four grievous bouts of shock-therapy in th Distress Electronics, Distorted-Industrial & Stridor-oblivion formation, including th incinerating 2001 benchmark “MURDERER”. One of my favourite Noise-fucks period – Canada’s Terrorist Kriss conflagrates an astonishingly personal, unpleasant and harrowing live five track break-down of god-awful Hatecore, self-immolation and excoriating distorted rhythmic Noise maim. Th guy is in a terrible state emotionally and should really be getting psychiatric assistance for whatever shit he is going through, but has instead decided to get coked off-his-face & take to th stage! The results are unparalleled – harsh, discordant, rending public-implosion screaming, ranting venomous incoherent ululating vitriol & agonizing excoriation beyond belief! Each offender covers about twenty minutes of material, pro-cassette with unique acid-green spray-can tallow, two panel full-colour pro-printed cassette sleeve, six-panel fold out pamphlet, quality cassette black-case, hand-numbered edition of 554 copies. £6.50

Forthcoming Multi-split Cassette


New World 1A major 7-11 way coloured cassette of Gunk, Hard-Vaccum, No-Skool-Noyzcore, Noisegrind & User-Hostile injury is well on th way, probably surfacing in march or shortly after. It will feature fresh studio material from New World (elite Osaka Noisegrind) on about their seventh line-up change in th last year & a half, but definitely under th authority of th founding member Hiroshi Zen (Noise, gob, direction) whom I reconnected with for th first time in 15 years or so recently (thanks to Rado Ulik). Th notorious, unmatched & unsurpassed Bollock Swine will also be obliterating new bray with their berserk ribald raunch & roving nonsense & very gigantic emulsions of surrealism on th uniquest take of whatever th fuck it is Torikowashi Hard-Vac Scream-Gunk-Blur-Blossom. Stratospheric & incomparable Tokyo micro Noisegrind Blurnoise duo OPS-PSF have recorded 77 tracks in a 5 minute & 1 second formation that’s ready to go along with cult & ultra Anti-Listner Harsh trash Grind-Noise trio Wage-Slave Exchange from Akita duffing a good 9 minute dollop into th maim.

Bolluk-jack fruit

Greece’s Distortion-Garbage-Blast-Noise-Grind scrap-yard love-in Malanocetus Murray have given us 6.55 minutes of gorgeous & thoroughly gag-conducing bilge & smash to pan-fry your brain.

MM Nagbeg Ops

Nabeg will Levin with their unimaginable Apoplexy/Flensecore a seemingly impossible medley of “inhuman” volatile-illicit-cataclysm of Noise, absurrd-improvisational-careening & absonant abrasive over-stated-hyper-aggression expostulation. Speeds, freneticism & asymmetry like nothing else ever. Keep yers balls peeled for their “Economy-Equals-Extinction” EP due out shortly.

Pulled in one of Extreme Music’s” greatest drummers ever as far as iym concerned, th monstrous Dave Tedesco from Technical Hybrid Metal’s – Solace Of Requiem who is pummelling together some abject madness that will be garnished in viscid Harsh Noise (probably courtesy of L. Carlozo of Digital Noise Distortion) & awful hysterical ululation from Jinshu for what will be an extraordinary No-Skool-Noyzcore outer-orthodoxy experience. Check some of his ridiculous drum skills here –

Other surprise ambushes are scheduled or secured for th comp, this will be one rupturing inner-brain contusion of a fucking elevatory exacerbation exemplum expostulus. Giant “off-th-scales” full colour highest quality fold out sleeve, coloured case, coloured cassette-shell with fluorescent stippling, hand numbered editions (911 copies).

New World – New 7”EP: mythical Osaka No-Skool-Noyzcore, recording this March for a forthcoming LOD 7” EP.

New World 2

Law Facilitates Crime – Thought Encryption 7”EP: supreme velocity Gratecore!

LFC sho

No slow sections/no break-downs, blasts beyond belief, stupendous speed, stamina & technicality surging through with hurtling single kick-pedal D-Beat/Skull-Stove & Q-Beat militancy. Flabbergastingly ferocious & as exhilarating as a pylon up th arse in a thunder storm. Just adding th bloody vocals now ><. Mendacity Mogul & Scrounger EP’s are in th works, set to record in April.

OPS-PSF – G.S. Crazy part 1 7”EP: vintage Blur-Gunk from 1998, 112 trax in 4.44 minutes.


Fabulous harsh Gunk splurge. Was intended to come out a year or so back as a split with Reforester. Th fucking recording desk malfunctioned during th session, & London being this dreadful disinterested massive obstructive rectum of dullards & creative congestion & market fixated moronship & mundainity….it aint’ happened since. Probably Bollock Swine will jump in on th flip with more femicentric frenzied flavescencent furore!

There should be some other jive working wit’s way out th cauldron soon as well…stay marooned.

Melanocetus Murray


Oh yeah! Scrapyard-barbarism, tatty mendicant harsh Greek Noisegrind/Gunk smothered in strident feculence. crude as the caveman’s cudgel yet wrenched & fractured into something even more sordid & varying. solid & incessant hard-blasts, inscrutable saturated-fat distortion fast-picked blur bass/guitar-noise, garbage-scavenged lo-fi Noise modulation devices & homeless & mentally retarded drop-in centre styled vocal “off-on-one” multi-assault. Certain ta’ churn those guts & draw the flies thur lil bre!

mm_2Greece (fuck-off Germany!)



Legendary Osaka No-Skool-Noyzcore veterans drastically extended the limits to the Noisegrind medium. these Fantastically astute prescians came with a fervency, passion & virtuosity never before exerted in Noisegrind & a wondrous dilation in innovation disemboguing 20 second trax of duel vocals and crushing Stridor discharged in controlled bouts so it could syncopate with the percussive belabor of excellent tight, fast, energetic & inventive drumming boasting the best of the Grindcore tradition (single pedal skull-stove, single-pedal blasts & dynamic fills).

At last somebody was taking the genre seriously & applying themselves in full. Epic & indelible.


Wage-Slave Exchange


10-20 second songs of smelting harsh Noyzgrynd mangling with prelate Strentorian Hiroshi Masaaki of Sewage billowing vintage fast bray & grate Stridor, crude distorted drums inflicting the true essence orientated Grindcore essentials (classic blast & single pedal D-Beat) with massively over-distorted shriek & snarl dissatisfaction. User-Hostility shifted to almost unimaginable extremes, outstandingly harsh assaultingly-primitive verging on retarded, stone on bone flailing frayed high-voltage cables Anti-Listener grandeur for people that like eating lead-shavings & forcing angle-grinders up their arse!


Terrorist Kriss


terrorist kriss

Mauling misanthropic terrorist Splittercore & violent reactionary Speedcore/Noise & Power Electronics related discord with intensely sociopathic ideology & lethal lone-wolf temerity. Terrorists Kriss’s small-arms high school massacre, sniper in the bell-tower, kindergarten shotgun siege, unforgiving bad-taste style hostage-situation batters & shocks with merciless Splittercore depredation or apoplexic Stridor Speedcore HateGrynd collision… fast, nasty, lo-fi, savage & risqué as fukk!


Sweet Sounds of the Burning Child


Ghastly, PMT, sophistic, infanticidal, Stridor/Power Organics from Minzo Shiroma. Inexplicably harsh ear-raping merciless & shockingly unpleasant/zoic & inhuman 30-50 second mega voltage & deep internal rending, cerebral-scrambling of explicitly Anti-Listener obstreperation. Some of the harshest noise about mixed with bouts of severe SourMilk all assaulting around a centrifuge of tocophobic, witch-craft, Yonistic,  Fairy, Folklore & mass-murder. The “Power Organics” rubric derived from sweet sounds heteroclite induction of Noise which comes from purely buccal & nasal contortions through surfeit distortion, creating some of the most bestial/otherworldly massively dynamic & laughably maiming Stridor excess damage. Horrendous!


Shinu Mazafukingu Ujimushi


Based on a vague projection of kunoichi assassins, clichéd Hong Kong gangsters & feisty Hiroshima girl gang delinquency, SMU bust fuckin’ fast exhilarating energetic & confident GeikoGrynd. Blasting like shit, gloriously dynamic with a deftness & expert stylized panache to cleave the body into four neat quarters in a flash of pristine kizamu grace with tight adroit precision & intense flare. this was advanced Grindcore flamboyance with Grynz vital tenets honoured (pronounced single pedal blasts, classic Skull-Stove/D-Beat single pedal foot work, minimal Metal overlap, lower string concentric, Grate-friendly arse-shred) from kayaku Kikanju Baku & Chinpira.  The one & only demo emerging in th early 00’s during an era when fake severely impaired/compromised pseudo-grind was proliferating by the likes of Nazum, Discordance Axis, Pig Destroyer, The Kill etc, SMU were faster with far more guile & diversity & crucially much’ much more Grynd & they ineluctably would have been momentously influential had they not broken up after their first demo immortalizing them instead to esoteric obscurity. th demo still remains a cult artefact of Grindcore’s hidden history & still batters th fuck out of so much on th rack.


Sadistic Lingam Cult



Psychosexual anthrophobic genocidal Black Noise (no relation to Black Metal whatsoever) obsessing with far Eastern cultus, & a pantheon of recondite Buddhist/Hindu & regional Oriental superstition, paranormal divination ancient Sanskrit vestiges & Black Magic. Very’ very dark & malignant stuff, the bands sound is totally unique within the Noise strata, (nothing else even a little like it) deeply psychedelic, somnific & horrific, not so much harsh as an absolute overload of distortion, echo & reverb & bizarre cyber modulation & sound molestation through a series of very unfamiliar & as of yet unconfirmed analogue gadgets & contraptions (all from the early & mid 90’s when the band was active).  Even within the Noise ambit, SLC are very unorthodox, the closest relative probably being Death Industrial & perhaps Power Elecronics but neither can be adequately attributed, the band is without peer or parallel. Malefic, lubricious & profoundly ritualistic this phantom eldritch of heaving hallucination existed on the utmost underground during the mid 90’s encapsulated mostly on split cassettes with very obscure Noisecore bands. The sadism, gynophobia, imperialist Japanese ideology & phallocentric madness clash & are totally ill consonant with the the LOD ethic, but for noise quality & as one of the most individualistic, exotic & pronounced Noise experience available SLC augment the Jigokuki prepotency perfectly