Bollock Swine-Faster Than All The Rest; deformed, disfigured discography download:

When erogenous appendages swell larger than the baring-host, enveloping the victim/victor in their own pink, palpus & pulsing outsplay – it can only mean one thing……. NEKO-NEKO-BOLLOCK!!! Lo! – The most implausible, superhuman, frenzied, hysterical, toxic-mega-experiment gone-extravagantly-awry sinks the fleet with over an hours’ worth, yes! over an hours’ worth! Yes, that’s over an hours’ worth, of ‘bijin blur’ yanked & hewn from their 2004-2018 releases, remixed, misdirected, mangled, malmanaged & further foibled & destroybled by exasperation-exclamation-editorials from the likes of Hinyouki, 886VG & Sewage (Huuuuuuursche! Spazmod!) pressed into the jagged & jutting junk with the most gorgeous 8-bit empyrean objet esotericism to exterminate all entities in an extended explosion of exponential oestrogenic eradication overdrive (eavesdropping)! Ovens empty (the scullery on the other hand..). can yu fuckin’ handle it? only th boldest/bawdiest/brawniest/bubbliest of bollox shall brandish! Neko-Neko-Noyzcoooooooooore!!!