Jet Jaguar KR3 Kill Spree/FztFwrd split 10”LP by Matsuge Androgyn

Mother of mercy! How do you begin to describe this record? Fucking WAR on the senses is about the best way to let the listener know what they are getting themselves into. PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION AND AT YOUR OWN RISK! Well first of all let it be said that this gem is the first official release of Jet Jaguar KR-3 Kill Spree, so needless to say, it’s the beginning of music’s TRANSFORMATION! This older material finds a youthful Jet Jag violently fidgeting, screaming in various rasps and pitch shifted spasms of insanity, regurgitating broken and confusing rhythms among tantrums of serious harsh noise, blasts, all insanely intricate and technical down to the minutest detail. It pulls you in all directions at once, makes you laugh, makes you fear, makes you hate it, makes you love it. As complex as the inner workings of the human body itself and ready to set the mind free. This IS the shit that will turn mankind into GODS! Of course now, how could you expect the SHEEP to understand anything so ahead of it’s time? I said it before and I’ll say it again, this shit is black fucking magic right here. Gotta hand it to the blokes at LofiRDie/TGS, they fucking struck gold on this one. Flip it over and prepare to be SCRAMBLED by the likes of the uber kult, brain splattering seishen speed core holocaust of FAST FORWARD, the very definition of said genre!. I never considered listening to anything “techno” until I heard this record. FAST FORWARD rattles the brain like a dose of royal jelly and genseng extract injected at the base of the spine sending the listener into uncontrollable seizures as the liquids go right into the bloodstream infecting every extremity with a surge of energy that if not controlled, will surely send you jumping out a window or stiffening the body until it crumbles into bits. This ain’t no glowstick waving, ecstacy taking friendly contemporary dance techno faggot fodder, this is MENACING and not for the easily overwhelmed or frightened. And to be quite honest, I’ve heard other stuff from this guy other than what’s on this record and really, I dunno if it’s safe to listen to this kind of shit. Like Jet Jag, it transcends mere listening pleasure and takes you into another realm. If you enter this realm with fear in your heart, you will experience a nightmare so traumatizing it could KILL you. Just keep telling yourself “It’s only a record.” If you listen to this shit, prepare to have your mind shattered like glass and rearranged the way THEY see fit! This is not just music, this is fuckin SCIENCE! I Give this record a 10! RPG

Himitsu King/Final Exit/Bollock Swine/Crovac split CD by Norman Records

Oh this truly is insane stuff. I can’t figure out which artist is responsible for which track as the artwork is a bit confusing. The cartoon on the front is really funny. What is blasting out at the speakers is punked-up thrashed-out Japanese metal lunacy that’s sort of somewhere between Melt Banana, Carcass/Napalm Death, An Albatross, The Locust, Painkiller/Naked City, early Boredoms and as Business Lady Suggests stuff on the old Slap a Ham label. So expect an intense ride of short and powerful songs all really fun and a bit stupid. Loads of screeching vocals and ridiculously dynamic arrangements. Certainly some awesome technical ability on display here. Fully mental!


Divelto V/A CD by Collective Zine

The postcard which came with this CD, (note, a postcard, not a press release, featuring a mouse sat on a pissed off looking cats head, so we’re off to a good start) describes it as “Really really User-hostile stuff” and “Anti-Listener”. Having sat through all 74 minutes and 59 seconds of this evil bastard, I can confirm this is an accurate description.

I don’t even really know where to start with this review. For starters, it took me sometime to figure out who the hell was even on this. In the end I managed to figure out it seems to be a comp of some sort. Differentiating the different bands/artists/charlatans is almost pointless. Everything on this CD is totally fucked. Openers Jesus of Nazareth, use some frankly worrying samples with dread inspiring noise that makes me think of David Lynch pushed over the edge of sanity. Illusion of Safety is a bit less dense, a glitchy mess of reverby, (I hesitate to call these beats) taps and electronic pulses. Astronoise could be the black box of some star ship crashing into a black hole for all I know. Blodspurt might be the sound of a grind band getting bum raped to death by a cyborg in an airlock.

Divelto themselves is something akin to a seriously angry drum machine eating your face off with big rusty metal drum stick teeth. Wage-Slave Exchange is the closest things come to an actual band as far as I can work out. Some sort of grind band sicking itself back up through a broken computer. There are actually recognisable human noises on their tracks. Mourmansk 150 is like a microphone wrapped in cellophane, then thrown into a hurricane strength sandstorm, capable of stripping flesh from bones. Final exit trick you with a small snatch of an ambient section, before battering you with yet more seriously unpleasant distortion. Inhalent have a low rumbling background noise in hell thing going.

Did I enjoy any of it? Fuck No. Its fucking horrendous. Do I admire their commitment to taking things to the maximum level of ridiculousness? Fuck yes. This bunch are cleary not interested in doing anything by half. The fold out insert that comes with this bears the legend “SUFFERING! THE MOST PROFITABLE ENTERPRISE IN HUMAN HISTORY”. I guess if you want to soundtrack that statement, this is a fairly good attempt.

(final note, although this is a comp, there are more tracks by some than others, the release has Divelto’s name on the front so I’ve filed it under their name. Even the website for this lot is destroyed. I quote; “Discordance Axis? Fuk No! Try th woman’s hygiene section of th super-market & buy yourself a bottle of bleach 2 drink while yur at it you worthles fukn turd!!!” genius).

Divelto V/A CD by Existance Establishment

Here is another confusing release. I’m not even sure if this label is still active or what but this is actually a compilation with random information printed all over the packaging so it’s kind of difficult to tell what address leads to what artist/label/etc. Plus there are 57 tracks on this puppy so the track-listing divides up the tracks per artist. It seems this is a mix of noise/industrial and cybergrind type stuff.

The first 6 tracks go to a project called Jesus of Nazareth of which I am unfamiliar. He bookends his portion with two short ambient style tracks which I dig, but the rest is chaotic lo-fi noise with a drum machine buried in there somewhere. Next, Illusion of Safety comes in with a longer track featuring his token mix of electroacoustic elements and he delivers as usual, this time with almost a Muslimgauze influenced tribal beat in the center. Next up Astronoise (which I assume has a relation to Astro?) butts in with 6 minutes of heavy harsh cut-up noise culling some amazing Japanoise spirits.

Mourmansk 150, Final Exit, and Inhalant drive the nail into the coffin in the last 3 tracks. Mourmansk 150 delivering an intense wall of hate with buried distorted dual vocals. Final Exit throws in a weird floating ambience to their noise assault while Inhalant slowly bleeds us with what is the best track here, a harrowing slab of blackened ambience full of moderately distorted scratching sounds and bass rumbles which will lead the little kiddies into a troubled sleep.

Worth mentioning is the crazy and weird art on this thing. It features photos of various political and military figures in crazy collages with an enormous fold-out poster that has tons of different elements all mixed to form 2 wicked designs. Some wacky and weird shit.