Jet Jaguar KR3 Kill Spree


Evolution, erudition, ingenuity & extension of the Noisecore, weird adverse Cyber shit & digital extremes proximity with paranoid, intelligence agency loathing, secret society obsessed, science fiction infatuated enormously eclectic User-Hostile digital No-Skool-Noyzcore Gak Sprook BlastBlur on an information overload of radical documentary, conspiracy theory/alternative narrative, comic book & cult-media replete cosmologist UFO specialist meteor shower. Jet Jag overwhelms misdirects & confuses, mostly following no conventional time sequence rather an anachronistic free-fall densely stippled with erraticism of ever oscillating samples styled & sourced from any & all competing for cognition in a mayhem megrim of harsh noise, irregular BlurBlasting distorted drum programming, Power Electronic prone subulate spastic Synth shamanic abnormal-Experimental Glitch-craft FX-laden what-the-fuck with vocals ranging from more traditional Grind/Noyzcore territory to spoken word sequencer mutated verbal theatrics. The scope, repository of sounds/systems equipment available & expertise & conceptualism of Doc Goro means that anything is possible & that track for track variegates dramatically & has it’s own unique genetic splaying & construct. Unpredictable aside the obvious Anti-Listener phonic mangling Jet Jag’s bizarre skitzophonic deformity utterly extirpates all the “fucked-up” Glitch, Cyber & “Experimental Machine Grind” acts by light-years, there’s nothing else close & never will be as the depth of detail & originality is just too off the scales to be emulated.

Early Jet Jag was more intense sonically & more on the Noyzcore/BlastBlur with more Analogue activity. The later Jet Jag became more Experimental & intellectual & less interested in mauling dat arse <but still very inclined for preposterous bouts of User-Hostility> with a more pronounced digital presence.


Jet Jaguar KR3 Kill Spree/FztFwrd split 10”LP by Matsuge Androgyn

Mother of mercy! How do you begin to describe this record? Fucking WAR on the senses is about the best way to let the listener know what they are getting themselves into. PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION AND AT YOUR OWN RISK! Well first of all let it be said that this gem is the first official release of Jet Jaguar KR-3 Kill Spree, so needless to say, it’s the beginning of music’s TRANSFORMATION! This older material finds a youthful Jet Jag violently fidgeting, screaming in various rasps and pitch shifted spasms of insanity, regurgitating broken and confusing rhythms among tantrums of serious harsh noise, blasts, all insanely intricate and technical down to the minutest detail. It pulls you in all directions at once, makes you laugh, makes you fear, makes you hate it, makes you love it. As complex as the inner workings of the human body itself and ready to set the mind free. This IS the shit that will turn mankind into GODS! Of course now, how could you expect the SHEEP to understand anything so ahead of it’s time? I said it before and I’ll say it again, this shit is black fucking magic right here. Gotta hand it to the blokes at LofiRDie/TGS, they fucking struck gold on this one. Flip it over and prepare to be SCRAMBLED by the likes of the uber kult, brain splattering seishen speed core holocaust of FAST FORWARD, the very definition of said genre!. I never considered listening to anything “techno” until I heard this record. FAST FORWARD rattles the brain like a dose of royal jelly and genseng extract injected at the base of the spine sending the listener into uncontrollable seizures as the liquids go right into the bloodstream infecting every extremity with a surge of energy that if not controlled, will surely send you jumping out a window or stiffening the body until it crumbles into bits. This ain’t no glowstick waving, ecstacy taking friendly contemporary dance techno faggot fodder, this is MENACING and not for the easily overwhelmed or frightened. And to be quite honest, I’ve heard other stuff from this guy other than what’s on this record and really, I dunno if it’s safe to listen to this kind of shit. Like Jet Jag, it transcends mere listening pleasure and takes you into another realm. If you enter this realm with fear in your heart, you will experience a nightmare so traumatizing it could KILL you. Just keep telling yourself “It’s only a record.” If you listen to this shit, prepare to have your mind shattered like glass and rearranged the way THEY see fit! This is not just music, this is fuckin SCIENCE! I Give this record a 10! RPG