Final Exit

Final Exit omo

Mythical Noyzcore numen’s Kikuchi Ryohei & Hisao Young are Final Exit, one of the most fanatical & sedulous episcopals of Gunk/No-Skool-Noyzcore. There instantly-distinctive fastidiously formulated strain of corybantic,  supra-distortive Blur Gunk, with rapid-gibberish vocal frenzy & tumbling fills cymbal crash collisionary just to ensure extra injury are commingled with Surf Rock, Blues, Grindcore & other traditional genericism (all played in real time expertly, no samples) creating the ultimate sonic parody. They tergiversate between the two dichotomies, springing the absonant ambush, kind of creating the ultimate desecration of music, by playing it well then totally’ totally evaginating it. or on certain recordings just coming with flat out Noisecore warfare. 95% of there recordings are contrived construction, with amazing correlation & tightness exorcised by these excellent musicians. They have been at this shit for over fifteen years & constantly generate new ways to keep it escalating & varying. Truly the most premium Noyzore dons.


Himitsu King/Final Exit/Bollock Swine/Crovac split CD by Norman Records

Oh this truly is insane stuff. I can’t figure out which artist is responsible for which track as the artwork is a bit confusing. The cartoon on the front is really funny. What is blasting out at the speakers is punked-up thrashed-out Japanese metal lunacy that’s sort of somewhere between Melt Banana, Carcass/Napalm Death, An Albatross, The Locust, Painkiller/Naked City, early Boredoms and as Business Lady Suggests stuff on the old Slap a Ham label. So expect an intense ride of short and powerful songs all really fun and a bit stupid. Loads of screeching vocals and ridiculously dynamic arrangements. Certainly some awesome technical ability on display here. Fully mental!