Industrial Experimental Noise.. harsh, unpredictable, tremendously versatile & void of any identity/dogma/politics aside from the Noise itself. Napalmed are endowed by constant scavenging. modulation & application of Noise materials going further than any other Noise band I am aware of to include new praxis/equipment/recording techniques, most notably & endless array of Metal/Industrial machinery/components presumably scavenged from post Czech’s communist industrial dereliction. This makes there sound source & procures the project a unique & tremendously extensive versatility expanded even further by the group’s total surrender to experimental forces with varied samples, collaborations, vocals, field-recording applied per track or session. Napalmed begun with Radek Kopel & in the early 90’s & has ever since been a highly active independent entity in the Noise underground with shit loads of cassette. Vinyl, CD & CDR releases. In fellow scrap-yard post communist aggrieving Noise technician Martin B joined in 2000 incrementing the already enormous capacity & scope.

Czech Republic