Ariel Sharon’s Head in an Industrial Press

wood talib_band

ASHIAIP Pummel, avulse, dislocate, rend, snap & tear with an Olympic hostility surpassed or rivalled by no other Grind or Noisecore unit. Kikanju Baku employs the full plethora of blast beats, blur beats/Tatsumaki, Skull-Stove & the fastest Flail dual-pedal Avalanche you will ever hear to create a Torikowashi Anti-Listener decimation of historic status elaborating on the most uncompromising tenets of CoshGrind/MachineGrind Gratecore Noisecore & Hard-Vacuum/Blurcore User-Hostility surcharge propelled by a berserk enmity founded in the essence of conflict terror & resistance..

We are confident to say that this is the fastest, most blasting/blurring & most aggressive Grate/Grind unit of all time.