Himitsu King


Osaka pentad of Noise/FX, drums, guitar/vox, bass & keyboards ensorcell an apex of Abnorm/Gunk or “fast progressive junk” as HK self define, a polychromatic cloud-burst of harsh Noise, Sprook, Distortion Noisegrind Blast hysteria cross-pollinated with virtuosic models of Grindcore, Fastcore/HC/PV, variegated Metal, Funk, Fusion converged with an assorted influence of Japanese muzak, video-game tinged, J-Pop Anime equivocation finally melanging with a marvelously distinct Prog/Jazzesque highly original florid intricacy auxiliarated by vocals of a jittery squawking amorously agitated manner.

Sound good? Japan has a reputation, sometimes felicitous but often exaggerated for performing weird & extreme sonic exoticism, but aside Bollock Swine & Jet Jaguar at their most jangled it is honestly difficult to think of a more accomplished & far flung entity in fucked-up, bat-shit-crazy weirdness deformity than Himitsu King. the way ahead. The Boredoms & Melt Banana don’t have shit on these freaks, an dats real mothafukurz

 Osaka, Japan

Himitsu King/Final Exit/Bollock Swine/Crovac split CD by Norman Records

Oh this truly is insane stuff. I can’t figure out which artist is responsible for which track as the artwork is a bit confusing. The cartoon on the front is really funny. What is blasting out at the speakers is punked-up thrashed-out Japanese metal lunacy that’s sort of somewhere between Melt Banana, Carcass/Napalm Death, An Albatross, The Locust, Painkiller/Naked City, early Boredoms and as Business Lady Suggests stuff on the old Slap a Ham label. So expect an intense ride of short and powerful songs all really fun and a bit stupid. Loads of screeching vocals and ridiculously dynamic arrangements. Certainly some awesome technical ability on display here. Fully mental!