Sweet Sounds of the Burning Child


Ghastly, PMT, sophistic, infanticidal, Stridor/Power Organics from Minzo Shiroma. Inexplicably harsh ear-raping merciless & shockingly unpleasant/zoic & inhuman 30-50 second mega voltage & deep internal rending, cerebral-scrambling of explicitly Anti-Listener obstreperation. Some of the harshest noise about mixed with bouts of severe SourMilk all assaulting around a centrifuge of tocophobic, witch-craft, Yonistic,  Fairy, Folklore & mass-murder. The “Power Organics” rubric derived from sweet sounds heteroclite induction of Noise which comes from purely buccal & nasal contortions through surfeit distortion, creating some of the most bestial/otherworldly massively dynamic & laughably maiming Stridor excess damage. Horrendous!