Forthcoming Multi-split Cassette


New World 1A major 7-11 way coloured cassette of Gunk, Hard-Vaccum, No-Skool-Noyzcore, Noisegrind & User-Hostile injury is well on th way, probably surfacing in march or shortly after. It will feature fresh studio material from New World (elite Osaka Noisegrind) on about their seventh line-up change in th last year & a half, but definitely under th authority of th founding member Hiroshi Zen (Noise, gob, direction) whom I reconnected with for th first time in 15 years or so recently (thanks to Rado Ulik). Th notorious, unmatched & unsurpassed Bollock Swine will also be obliterating new bray with their berserk ribald raunch & roving nonsense & very gigantic emulsions of surrealism on th uniquest take of whatever th fuck it is Torikowashi Hard-Vac Scream-Gunk-Blur-Blossom. Stratospheric & incomparable Tokyo micro Noisegrind Blurnoise duo OPS-PSF have recorded 77 tracks in a 5 minute & 1 second formation that’s ready to go along with cult & ultra Anti-Listner Harsh trash Grind-Noise trio Wage-Slave Exchange from Akita duffing a good 9 minute dollop into th maim.

Bolluk-jack fruit

Greece’s Distortion-Garbage-Blast-Noise-Grind scrap-yard love-in Malanocetus Murray have given us 6.55 minutes of gorgeous & thoroughly gag-conducing bilge & smash to pan-fry your brain.

MM Nagbeg Ops

Nabeg will Levin with their unimaginable Apoplexy/Flensecore a seemingly impossible medley of “inhuman” volatile-illicit-cataclysm of Noise, absurrd-improvisational-careening & absonant abrasive over-stated-hyper-aggression expostulation. Speeds, freneticism & asymmetry like nothing else ever. Keep yers balls peeled for their “Economy-Equals-Extinction” EP due out shortly.

Pulled in one of Extreme Music’s” greatest drummers ever as far as iym concerned, th monstrous Dave Tedesco from Technical Hybrid Metal’s – Solace Of Requiem who is pummelling together some abject madness that will be garnished in viscid Harsh Noise (probably courtesy of L. Carlozo of Digital Noise Distortion) & awful hysterical ululation from Jinshu for what will be an extraordinary No-Skool-Noyzcore outer-orthodoxy experience. Check some of his ridiculous drum skills here –

Other surprise ambushes are scheduled or secured for th comp, this will be one rupturing inner-brain contusion of a fucking elevatory exacerbation exemplum expostulus. Giant “off-th-scales” full colour highest quality fold out sleeve, coloured case, coloured cassette-shell with fluorescent stippling, hand numbered editions (911 copies).

New World – New 7”EP: mythical Osaka No-Skool-Noyzcore, recording this March for a forthcoming LOD 7” EP.

New World 2

Law Facilitates Crime – Thought Encryption 7”EP: supreme velocity Gratecore!

LFC sho

No slow sections/no break-downs, blasts beyond belief, stupendous speed, stamina & technicality surging through with hurtling single kick-pedal D-Beat/Skull-Stove & Q-Beat militancy. Flabbergastingly ferocious & as exhilarating as a pylon up th arse in a thunder storm. Just adding th bloody vocals now ><. Mendacity Mogul & Scrounger EP’s are in th works, set to record in April.

OPS-PSF – G.S. Crazy part 1 7”EP: vintage Blur-Gunk from 1998, 112 trax in 4.44 minutes.


Fabulous harsh Gunk splurge. Was intended to come out a year or so back as a split with Reforester. Th fucking recording desk malfunctioned during th session, & London being this dreadful disinterested massive obstructive rectum of dullards & creative congestion & market fixated moronship & mundainity….it aint’ happened since. Probably Bollock Swine will jump in on th flip with more femicentric frenzied flavescencent furore!

There should be some other jive working wit’s way out th cauldron soon as well…stay marooned.