BlurBlastDistortionDeathlCyberIndustrialNoyzGryn with the User-Hostility surging way beyond the dials final digit. Asscavern rewrote the books & redefined the rules of enragement, secreting a standard of such utter ridiculousness, excess & gratuitous uber-overkill with drum-programming so blasting/blurring/extra-toning/hard-vacuuming stationed on a Torikowashi technique that has the Blur 85% of the time & the “other” shit for the remaining 15% minority cross-bred with a malformation of Noise, clonus guitar Noyzcore-shred frenzy, fast-picked aggressive Death Metal loops & Grynddeth garble, multi-distortion & sample/sound manipulation, Cyber Experimental bass-warping Industrial Sludgy mishap hazardous Breakcore & erroneous Drum Funk with elements of the Ohio Noise, Reality Impaired spastic retardation puerile pasquinade & inbred-idiocy/profuse piss-taking accosted by shrieking rasping animalist guttural vocal molestation. Acav was masterminded by one of the most important abbots of the Anti-Listener, No-Skool-Noyzcore, Hypogeal ardent catacomb crawling surface-shunning movement/community, Donkey-The King Uv All Kongz also a key founding member of the sublime aberration Bollock Swine. The envelope was shat way’ way’ way further than anybody else & in many respects has yet to be surpassed by anybody. as fucked-up as possible, pulling on anything that would ingravescence the infection & increase destructive forces but also bringing the wealth from exposure to Experimental, Noise, Industrial, Avant-Garde, odd shit, Breakcore, Jungle, D&B, IDM & others giving an awareness, expertise & experience for a broader dimension of quality & specialness with that perfect paradox of totally unmusical/anti-music yet so labored, honed & rigorous with progressions & hooks camouflaged amongst the complete extermination of music.