Jet Jaguar KR3 Kill Spree


Evolution, erudition, ingenuity & extension of the Noisecore, weird adverse Cyber shit & digital extremes proximity with paranoid, intelligence agency loathing, secret society obsessed, science fiction infatuated enormously eclectic User-Hostile digital No-Skool-Noyzcore Gak Sprook BlastBlur on an information overload of radical documentary, conspiracy theory/alternative narrative, comic book & cult-media replete cosmologist UFO specialist meteor shower. Jet Jag overwhelms misdirects & confuses, mostly following no conventional time sequence rather an anachronistic free-fall densely stippled with erraticism of ever oscillating samples styled & sourced from any & all competing for cognition in a mayhem megrim of harsh noise, irregular BlurBlasting distorted drum programming, Power Electronic prone subulate spastic Synth shamanic abnormal-Experimental Glitch-craft FX-laden what-the-fuck with vocals ranging from more traditional Grind/Noyzcore territory to spoken word sequencer mutated verbal theatrics. The scope, repository of sounds/systems equipment available & expertise & conceptualism of Doc Goro means that anything is possible & that track for track variegates dramatically & has it’s own unique genetic splaying & construct. Unpredictable aside the obvious Anti-Listener phonic mangling Jet Jag’s bizarre skitzophonic deformity utterly extirpates all the “fucked-up” Glitch, Cyber & “Experimental Machine Grind” acts by light-years, there’s nothing else close & never will be as the depth of detail & originality is just too off the scales to be emulated.

Early Jet Jag was more intense sonically & more on the Noyzcore/BlastBlur with more Analogue activity. The later Jet Jag became more Experimental & intellectual & less interested in mauling dat arse <but still very inclined for preposterous bouts of User-Hostility> with a more pronounced digital presence.