Divelto V/A CD by Existance Establishment

Here is another confusing release. I’m not even sure if this label is still active or what but this is actually a compilation with random information printed all over the packaging so it’s kind of difficult to tell what address leads to what artist/label/etc. Plus there are 57 tracks on this puppy so the track-listing divides up the tracks per artist. It seems this is a mix of noise/industrial and cybergrind type stuff.

The first 6 tracks go to a project called Jesus of Nazareth of which I am unfamiliar. He bookends his portion with two short ambient style tracks which I dig, but the rest is chaotic lo-fi noise with a drum machine buried in there somewhere. Next, Illusion of Safety comes in with a longer track featuring his token mix of electroacoustic elements and he delivers as usual, this time with almost a Muslimgauze influenced tribal beat in the center. Next up Astronoise (which I assume has a relation to Astro?) butts in with 6 minutes of heavy harsh cut-up noise culling some amazing Japanoise spirits.

Mourmansk 150, Final Exit, and Inhalant drive the nail into the coffin in the last 3 tracks. Mourmansk 150 delivering an intense wall of hate with buried distorted dual vocals. Final Exit throws in a weird floating ambience to their noise assault while Inhalant slowly bleeds us with what is the best track here, a harrowing slab of blackened ambience full of moderately distorted scratching sounds and bass rumbles which will lead the little kiddies into a troubled sleep.

Worth mentioning is the crazy and weird art on this thing. It features photos of various political and military figures in crazy collages with an enormous fold-out poster that has tons of different elements all mixed to form 2 wicked designs. Some wacky and weird shit.