Toff Stabber

Class terror, tycoon murdering, celeb-hating, defaced-Noisegrind, Scour Histrionics, Gunk, Blastcore mega-belligerence from the hovels of the shantytown. bulk-sinew-blast-brawn to make you puke your entire stomach section – shocking cardiac-paroxysm & nervous convulsion of hard-line User-Hostile blastcore noise-bray abhorrence reinforced with stone-age utilities for the worst catalogue of mass blunt-force injuries ever committed to the emergency theatre …. terrible, shocking, savage, bestial with appalling barbarianism, raw like a mole-hill exit-wound .. somehow crossed with a short-circuiting calculator spewing seven-digit algebra contingencies through a math-jazz malware malfunction with it’s interface going through a garden-shredder. Prone to eruptions of Flensecore & furious dysfunctional dismemberment, wrenched-dislocation & net-all destructive triage at its most draconian. flush guts – guts flush!

UK/Latin America