PMNT-Com Supremo Com Tudo cassette LP:


The word from Brazil …. nerve burn, neuralgia, panic stricken, flustered, fucked, rending, wound-addled, conceptually-loaded political harsh noise… rapid bursts of harsh malfunction & ripping Industrial malformation tarred with sweeping Dark Ambient & aggrieved, angst-stricken, over-distressed Glitch & badly distorted IDM fracture, despair, horror, violent recoiling, collapse, upheaval, disturbance, turmoil, mutiny, emergency measures, national insecurity, spiraling crisis – harsh, brutal, incinerating bombardment, intensely erratic psychological-dismemberment, searing feedback puncture & destroying rampageous blunt-force apoplexy draped in samples from Brazil’s recent swell of extraordinary mega-corruption & corporate coup – condensed chaos.

PMNT are a tower of ultra-harsh, highest standard, politically-charged Stridor maim & all-encompassing electronic maul – barging the margins & pushing the extremities to new altitudes.

9 tracks in just under 50 minutes, green shell with customized ink stamps or an alternative bronze stencil, audio on superior RTM thread, yellow case, full colour four panel sleeve, full-colour & double-sided fold-out pamphlet with design by Non-Negotiable -Notoriety. £15 each, hand-numbered to 193 copies.

Com Supremo Com Tudo

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