Reforester-Undisturbed Woodland Habitat cassette LP:

Undisturbed Woodland Habitat
Reforester-UWH + Mendacity Mogul compilation + Sylvanic Sprawl (2013 demo) excerpt mp3

crikey! a whole new LP from Reforester – therefore ascribing – atrociously ferocious, insatiable torikowashi blastcore-forest-noisecore berserk-botanical-barbarism, tree-venerating, plant-worshipping, beast-brain blast-gunk …. as is ordained – the most ludicrous, gigantic, whopping, feral blastbeats – non-stop! – enshrouded in the thickest moil of tearing, ragged, shredding guitar-noise frenzy & densest discordance deconstruction…..ridiculously fast, inexorable & exorbitantly relentless, ultra-agile, highly-explosive, wall-to-wall, foot-to-floor, out-and-out, hell-for-leather – storming, run-away, off-the-rails, out-of-control anti-listener noisegrind water-deification super-velocity moku-miki-muka blitz-blat.

fourteen tracks in just over 30 minutes, alternate guitar berserker per side, black case, either ice or transparent dull-green shells, specialized on-body colour-stickers, high-quality colour 3-panel insert, numerous pro-printed colour accessories, limited to 156 copies, comes with a free acorn. £12.00 per copy.

Fuck Fossil Fuels

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