a deeply disturbed & paranormal misinterpretation of mangled, macerated motley Gunk, scrapped extreme noisegrind – weirdo -noisecore, grating garbage-strewn harsh junk, flaking-feedback cauterization, & sallow analog electronics puke-spray, cross-contaminated with advanced avant-garde undesirability, absurdist breakcore fracture, palpitant Glitch prognostication, trash-jazz decompression hysterics & astounding oddity, allo-intellectualized by gibbering spastic warble-rot, intoxicated Industrial murk, suppurating synths & skittering improvised decompositions, unt anachronized with appalling weirdness, mega-mutation, badly corroded cybergrind harsh-bilge & fizzing medical waste fermentation & DNA-fallout. Has the shyster-supergroup hex of Dennis von Geldrop (Nee!), Sjak van Bussel (DMDN) & Dr.黒表himself – Yaju Kikanju Baku 無敵