NABEG – Economic Gain – Ecological Ruin cassette LP:

chaos Kowloon

Catastrophic injury. Its here. An onslaught of destructive overdrive, vicious, savage, berserk Scour Histrionics Flensecore rancour that surpasses all previous margins. Sustained & multiple assault from Animal Machine, 886VG, Napalmed, Mourmansk150 & Ukraine noise guitarist Ilja Bilga – harsh, soft-tissue shredding turmoil, free-burning all-devouring chaos, frenzy & volatility over disastrous badly-broken erratic blitz of mutant-bad break-Fray-free-excoriation-severity from Kikanju Baku hurtling at preposterous velocity. Smashed into this violently tangential inferno is an instability of live source samples from Hong Kong’s recent political uproar – ground fucking zero conflict, confrontation, disorder & exigency from a nation in revolt. A lengthy & painstaking month of meticulous editing through the plethora of source noise & samples has resulted in this historic, unprecedented dose of ultra’ ultra Noise violence & extra exacerbated Apoplexy pandemonium. Total, total excess, over-spill & overwhelm. Hand numbered (312 copies) & crafted silver shell with individual gold-daub, colour stickers, gold case, accessories & high quality pull-out poster with design by Non-Negotiable-Notoriety plus four panel sleeve. Eleven tracks – over an hours worth of maim & maul. The heart of the fucking storm. £10.00

utter destructive supremacy – NABEG

NABEG: Economy = Extinction EP