The violent expulsion & excoriation of corruption in all forms. An exploding emergency of horrifically fractured all-destroying Noise-profusory, hard Breakcore, Noisegrind, Gunk, Fray, Free Jazz, Riot-Gear, extreme Psychedelics & rabid-improvised-hysteria conflagrating completely out-of-control. This loose amalgamation of pyroclastic styles & intensely-volatile energies undergo severely disfigured transmutations & deformed-combinations, creating a truly unparalleled cataclysm with some of the most ridiculous velocity & matter-stripping-hurtling inflicting unmatched bedlam & mega-turbulence. Declared “Apoplexy” or “Flensecore” for its singular distinction & indelible destructive capacity, this intensely focused, fiercely politicized run-away disorder continues to shatter & decimate boundaries, definitions, limits & records.


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