Bollock Swine/886VG – split cassette:

ye gudddz!

Bollock Swine – Gush Gyna Junk-Gyre Geto Garbage:

outrageous & preposterous, fantastical Anti-Listener surrealist blast-blur-gunk-gratecore-grindnoise-blastcore avant-lard intercontinental Korean Japanese screamcore extravagantua – that has to be heard to be believed. so fast, noisy, absurd, milling, paroxysmal, labile, unrelenting, hyperactive & harsh it should be fucking outlawed! ballooning with appallingly odd samples – where hysterical, ultra-esoteric & eccentric obsessions are amplified & overwrought & overstretched then mashed & muddled into the maelstrom to create new hyper-novel extremisms to inflame & intoxify something that already blats in a league completely & totally of its own.

決闘 K-Slop!

girl & guy Japanese & Korean vocalists that sound like some bloke getting devoured in the open air by a swarm of carnivorous locusts whilst some chick gives birth to a car sideways. there’s also a dog on vocals. yes! a real dog! they actually somehow got a real dog to commence total noisecore histrionic howling vocals, captured it well, & have intermangled it with this apex obscenity (the same was achieved on Wallop Cervix with two pigs).

“Dog Vortex”

it’s actually that ridiculous.

the messiest, most murdering, mayhemic of mutant maimingz maginable’ mothafuccca!!

rarer than rare, completely stand-alone shit that goes way, way, way-the-fuck- further than anything or anybody else.


886VG – Never Stop Learning:

two new tracks of scorching, cardio-to-cable, premium harsh noise overdrive. biting, rapid, dextrous, almost dare we say – “suave” – whilst remaining utterly destroying, hostile & harsh. gorgeous harsh frequencies & maximalist shock power, crackling & explosive harsh current acrobatics with smudgings of adroitly alloyed synth smash. also hulks superb cut-up glitching, erratic spasticity, mechanical/electronic error & short-circuiting acute seizure episodes.

incinerating, obliterating, invigorating, harsh noise masterclass.

vim volt velocity … hirk unerrgy.

tongue-swelling, sialogogic fluorescent yellow – withdrawn-kids-candy health hazard cassette shell with alternate-directional & mismatching size colour stickers & hand-sprayed contrasting graffiti stencils (thunderbolt & pixelated heart designs), artisan one-panel ultra-thick unglossed card sleeve & fold-out double-sided A4-poster lashed on with varying colours elastic bands, all limited to x303 hand-numbered-fucking-copies.