Aeons, Inclavatus Etcet & upset:

G-g-g-gosh! It’s been ages! I run two other labels concurrently, as well as an events production insurgency (two actually) & a splinter-cell journalism/culture/art web entity, so you’ll fuckin’ forgive me yis’? – (among other things). The right destination by the wrong route – allow me to unveil the latest trawling’s from the LOD sump –

Diononesiste-Inclavatus cassette. Obscure Italian, one-man, multi-instrumentalist – super raw & unkempt, vicious, fast & hostile necro-Black-Death-Grind with a strong infusion of Noise, Death Industrial/Ritualism & highly adept Prog style traces. A very high standard of instrumental ability, stained onto some matted wolfs-pelt with lo-fi, bunker production & black-market finish. Lashings of overly abundant hyper-blasting, & austere, fast shredding double-kick menace confirm an overwhelmingly belting encounter for blastbeat zealots & extremist enthusiasts. Some really exceptional drumming with vigorous & flamboyant fills, awesome punctuations & strenuous pageants of stamina. The feature constantly flirts with tenebrous Noise & ominous Dark Ambient, finally culminating in full Noise usurpation. Perhaps akin to Inhalant, mixed with a multiplication of Latex Baby, Cadaver Inc, old Dark Throne & a far more ragged & dirt-ravaged miscellany of Extreme grinding-Death aggression with beast-man of the fens, harsh venomous rasps & screams vocals. Lo-fi Or Die Records would not normally issue this kind of act, but it’s so fuckin’ good, special, rare & obscure that we felt totally behoven to act in commemoration & flag this brilliant recording. The LOD version comes with additional artwork/new lay-out & excludes one track from the original edition. Limited to just x88 hand-numbered copies. Grey cassette with slight bronze spatter, full colour high quality sleeve in black case, seven tracks spanning over 40 minutes of material.  £6.50 per copy.

Small interview with Diononesiste & further analyses of Inclavatus can be perused here –