Shinu Mazafukingu Ujimushi


Based on a vague projection of kunoichi assassins, clichéd Hong Kong gangsters & feisty Hiroshima girl gang delinquency, SMU bust fuckin’ fast exhilarating energetic & confident GeikoGrynd. Blasting like shit, gloriously dynamic with a deftness & expert stylized panache to cleave the body into four neat quarters in a flash of pristine kizamu grace with tight adroit precision & intense flare. this was advanced Grindcore flamboyance with Grynz vital tenets honoured (pronounced single pedal blasts, classic Skull-Stove/D-Beat single pedal foot work, minimal Metal overlap, lower string concentric, Grate-friendly arse-shred) from kayaku Kikanju Baku & Chinpira.  The one & only demo emerging in th early 00’s during an era when fake severely impaired/compromised pseudo-grind was proliferating by the likes of Nazum, Discordance Axis, Pig Destroyer, The Kill etc, SMU were faster with far more guile & diversity & crucially much’ much more Grynd & they ineluctably would have been momentously influential had they not broken up after their first demo immortalizing them instead to esoteric obscurity. th demo still remains a cult artefact of Grindcore’s hidden history & still batters th fuck out of so much on th rack.