Sadistic Lingam Cult



Psychosexual anthrophobic genocidal Black Noise (no relation to Black Metal whatsoever) obsessing with far Eastern cultus, & a pantheon of recondite Buddhist/Hindu & regional Oriental superstition, paranormal divination ancient Sanskrit vestiges & Black Magic. Very’ very dark & malignant stuff, the bands sound is totally unique within the Noise strata, (nothing else even a little like it) deeply psychedelic, somnific & horrific, not so much harsh as an absolute overload of distortion, echo & reverb & bizarre cyber modulation & sound molestation through a series of very unfamiliar & as of yet unconfirmed analogue gadgets & contraptions (all from the early & mid 90’s when the band was active).  Even within the Noise ambit, SLC are very unorthodox, the closest relative probably being Death Industrial & perhaps Power Elecronics but neither can be adequately attributed, the band is without peer or parallel. Malefic, lubricious & profoundly ritualistic this phantom eldritch of heaving hallucination existed on the utmost underground during the mid 90’s encapsulated mostly on split cassettes with very obscure Noisecore bands. The sadism, gynophobia, imperialist Japanese ideology & phallocentric madness clash & are totally ill consonant with the the LOD ethic, but for noise quality & as one of the most individualistic, exotic & pronounced Noise experience available SLC augment the Jigokuki prepotency perfectly