Bollock Swine vs Kylie Minoise – split cassette on Tetsubishi Gob-Stopper Tapes:

Blob Blab

Bollock Swine – Wallop Cervix:

These fuckin’ guys …. five new tracks from this intercontinental Anti-Listener Korean/Japanese globe-frotter mega oddity, recorded in Osaka, summer 2023 … outlandish, injuriously original & peerless Blastcore – at impossible speeds & strenuosity .. an avalanche of improbabilities – primo Gunk, avant-noisecore exotica, chronic disorientation screamcore Abnorm & hasrh free-form fracas, hurtling d & c beat grindnoise, crammed to rupturing with eccentricities from 80s-90s arcade & console sonics, incoherent arthouse obscura & hyper-niche distortion eso-garble & idio-scrape, with two sows on vocals/bio-noise alongside Japa-Korean girl & guy blabber histrionica. They burst the ante in every single region, speed, stamina, hysterics, weirdness, disparatism, erraticism, noisiness, barbarism, overloading – the fucking lot …… so sick you will shit yourself multiple new dimensions & still not be able to muster a covering sentence to capture this ineffable, runaway freak of frenzy …. 奇想天外!

Colossal Asteroid Hazard (excerpt)

Kylie Minoise – Colossal Asteroid Hazard:

Resurgence of veteran vandal Lea Cummings/Kylie Minoise, reasserting with a whopping 24-minute omni-mangler from the Scottish hazardous substance specialist. Colossal Asteroid Hazard spews a single stream of harsh, bedraggled cyber-scrap-noise … hulking interstellar debris, billowing Industrial effluent & corroded space junk rust-rend with cross competing frequencies, scouring static abrasions, chaotic & turbulent interruption & badly blossoming incompatibilities – flat-lining, bad signal, overheating machinery, faulty mechanics & spill-over, fall-out & feedback maximal malfunction in a sprawl of acid-eaten harsh harrying hallucinogen stippled with intermittent, crushed & defiled Kikanju Baku Breakcore randomizations.

translucent neon-green shell with duo-coloured spray-paint stencils, pink casing, pro-printed colour sleeve & fold-out double-sided micro-poster, RTM reel for superior sound quality, limited to x418 hand-numbered copies.


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