Kuttekop/Mourmansk150-split cassette:

uh-oh! more allo-intellectual-nutfuck-noisegrind & bizarre-nightmare-psychedelic-breakblast from paranormal pus pathogen Kuttekop.“esoteric vandalism” muddling & miskewing .. where a high standard of artistic abnormality is mangled with the most awful & unforgivingly extremist absurdist malformation – eliciting a terrific & traumatic teratoid tox tosh brain-scour & sensory shredding with immediate exotic infection & subsequent eruption & extraordinary inflammation setting off somatic subdivisionary subsidence in the seventh postulate.

coextensive colonial cancerization ……….. the Mourmansk syndrome.

Mourmansk150-RETURN TO NORD-OST:
Mourmansk150 dish drastic & severe extreme electronics, rending harsh noise unrest & massively unsettling agitation, confrontation & condemnation from the cult, wayward French antagoniser & insurrectionist.

both groups – inhabiting contrasting yet overlapping extremes – compound each others contumacy, resulting in peak micro-meltdown & sweeping control loss.

clog-popping design & layout from Non-Negotiable-Notoriety, white shell with customised ink stamps & glossed labels, 5-panel sleeve, extractable pamphlet & double pull-outs. limited to x274 hand-numbered copies & wound on RMT thread for superior sound quality.
LOD is great!