Fuckin’ Scream Blue Murder & Ground Zero Death Trap


Aggregating Cosh-Grynd, Stridor, Distress & excreting it in  8-16 second proctitic micro convulsions- Hyper-blast/Blur/Warp drum-machine salvos, preposterous distortions, harsh metal-work & pedal noise, mangled samples, vocals so pitch-shifted they sound like noise or air-escaping arse-holes, miasmal borbogymous, lofi as fuck but with that irresistible skin-of-the-teeth clarity & exigency, screaming teens sampled from all those stupid 80’s slasher flix & dirty oldskool Grind guitars.  Cyber Modulation & manipulation through a computer but strictly analogue with All the effluvium associated with the absolute under belly of Cosh-Grynd rekd on a fucking 8 tracker. The band is superintended by the notorious Rondullah Amann/Mad-Dog & founding member of ASHIAIP who waged an insurrection from his peripheral fiefdom & was one of the most colourful & balls-out characters/activist in the range & a vicious critic of the alembic conventionists & proponents of the Great Grindcore Gentrification. His knowledge/experience & immersion in Noyz/Grindcore/Speedcore,Gunk  & fixation with pushing the envelope calcified into this extraordinary No-Skool-Noyz-Grynd deformity.  Conjoined killers, FSBM encompassed more Gryncore whilst GZDT elected more Noyz & the exclusion of guitars.


Germany/The Afghan Corridor

Final Exit

Final Exit omo

Mythical Noyzcore numen’s Kikuchi Ryohei & Hisao Young are Final Exit, one of the most fanatical & sedulous episcopals of Gunk/No-Skool-Noyzcore. There instantly-distinctive fastidiously formulated strain of corybantic,  supra-distortive Blur Gunk, with rapid-gibberish vocal frenzy & tumbling fills cymbal crash collisionary just to ensure extra injury are commingled with Surf Rock, Blues, Grindcore & other traditional genericism (all played in real time expertly, no samples) creating the ultimate sonic parody. They tergiversate between the two dichotomies, springing the absonant ambush, kind of creating the ultimate desecration of music, by playing it well then totally’ totally evaginating it. or on certain recordings just coming with flat out Noisecore warfare. 95% of there recordings are contrived construction, with amazing correlation & tightness exorcised by these excellent musicians. They have been at this shit for over fifteen years & constantly generate new ways to keep it escalating & varying. Truly the most premium Noyzore dons.




Vintage CyberMachineGrynd from the genius prism of Italy’s anchorite misanthropic atrabilious protagonist Fulvio Diverio. This sensational analogue lofi slatternly raucous turbo blastbeat Hard-Vac torrent lathers on FX & distortion fermentation, yielding an advanced strain of CyberGrind, extrapolating dimensions of IDM countenance & themes <not genres> to the Grindcore rubric with a unique vocal condition that operates solely on modified samples. In reference to weird Grind-themed fast blasting FX heavy Cyber-Punk Bio-Mek, this shit runs the roost. The short 30-45 second vaults clamor with a dirty massively contumacious energy-flux deeply diverse & expertly compositional implementation all finished with a stark digressive finality. Follicle fissuringly awesome shiznoz mothafukuz!


Digital Noise Distortion


Some of the harshest most crippling, head-riving, organ-splaying, destructive, demolition-grade Stridor. Barbaric metal-work & laptop modulation plus berserk vivacious oscillations create that fast ripping hysteria, comingled with the horrifically abrasive Strentor pulverizing for some of the severest sonic mutilation & high-frequency micro-wave brain-gouging.

When on full form, DND really are competing for the top of the harsh heavy-weight.




Torikowashi Blastcore User-Hostile Noyz-Grynd, maximum severity & devotion with a three man assault of ultra-fast drums, distorted Blur-Bass, FX smashed vocals & Harsh Stridor maim. Thoroughly aggressive Gunk deconstruction demolish.


Bollock Swine


Perhaps the peak of preposterous, this unimaginable Torikowashi, Hard-Vacuum, Blur-Blast, Drill-N-Waste, User-Hostile, screaming Asian Girls Brayk/Fray/Riot-Gear Neko-Neko-Noyzcore Harlequin-Hayz-Hop ornate obscenity autoschedian over-turbulence multi-metaplasiac Blur recherché Harsh Noise Abnorm freak-frenzy lays waste to pretty much every barricade, restriction, accepted practice/definition & limit of the noisegrind/fucked-up idiom with the most intemperate excess of preternatural pummeling & cataclysmic labile emergency with tons’ & tons of Tatsumaki Blurbeat triturating, mincing & mangling frantic fast-picking string-stripper delirium-blur, oblique & berserk, amok, hysterically intemperate, superhuman, animal-insect-alien kingdom, beyond the bodies capacity feats of frenetic fury from demagogue Anti-Listener clerics Donkey of Asscavern & th Jester of All Blur an Blast Kikanju Baku. Decking out th damify defacing damage doling are groups of inebriated amateur Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese girls ululating their innards out, vocal screeling melting mic’s with matriarch mutation mantics oestrogen-overwhelm smashed into Stridor Maul & harsh Experimental expulsions of cacophonic Strentor mastery from th likes of Yasutoshi Yoshida {Government Alpha}, Minzo Shiroma {sweet sounds of the burning child} prizing the parallax & peregrine perspective into further contortions & utter abnormality intoxicated by a gallimaufry of sampling, FX pedals, distortions to further protuberate the profundity & paroxysm pandemic & psychotic psychedelia.

Irrefutably the fastest (by centuries), most Warp,Blur,Hard-Vac,Tatsumaki,Blasting, weirdest, unpredictable wildly erratic & most frenzied/corybantic Gunk/No-Skool-Noyzcore/NoyzGryn outfit ever’ ever 2 subvert/split n’ splay & malformate with an induction of atrociously Avant-Garde improbably Harsh exogamic unearthly spontaneous spasmodic inorthodoxy & antiphonic adventurism !!!

 North-East Asia, UK & USA



BlurBlastDistortionDeathlCyberIndustrialNoyzGryn with the User-Hostility surging way beyond the dials final digit. Asscavern rewrote the books & redefined the rules of enragement, secreting a standard of such utter ridiculousness, excess & gratuitous uber-overkill with drum-programming so blasting/blurring/extra-toning/hard-vacuuming stationed on a Torikowashi technique that has the Blur 85% of the time & the “other” shit for the remaining 15% minority cross-bred with a malformation of Noise, clonus guitar Noyzcore-shred frenzy, fast-picked aggressive Death Metal loops & Grynddeth garble, multi-distortion & sample/sound manipulation, Cyber Experimental bass-warping Industrial Sludgy mishap hazardous Breakcore & erroneous Drum Funk with elements of the Ohio Noise, Reality Impaired spastic retardation puerile pasquinade & inbred-idiocy/profuse piss-taking accosted by shrieking rasping animalist guttural vocal molestation. Acav was masterminded by one of the most important abbots of the Anti-Listener, No-Skool-Noyzcore, Hypogeal ardent catacomb crawling surface-shunning movement/community, Donkey-The King Uv All Kongz also a key founding member of the sublime aberration Bollock Swine. The envelope was shat way’ way’ way further than anybody else & in many respects has yet to be surpassed by anybody. as fucked-up as possible, pulling on anything that would ingravescence the infection & increase destructive forces but also bringing the wealth from exposure to Experimental, Noise, Industrial, Avant-Garde, odd shit, Breakcore, Jungle, D&B, IDM & others giving an awareness, expertise & experience for a broader dimension of quality & specialness with that perfect paradox of totally unmusical/anti-music yet so labored, honed & rigorous with progressions & hooks camouflaged amongst the complete extermination of music.



Ariel Sharon’s Head in an Industrial Press

wood talib_band

ASHIAIP Pummel, avulse, dislocate, rend, snap & tear with an Olympic hostility surpassed or rivalled by no other Grind or Noisecore unit. Kikanju Baku employs the full plethora of blast beats, blur beats/Tatsumaki, Skull-Stove & the fastest Flail dual-pedal Avalanche you will ever hear to create a Torikowashi Anti-Listener decimation of historic status elaborating on the most uncompromising tenets of CoshGrind/MachineGrind Gratecore Noisecore & Hard-Vacuum/Blurcore User-Hostility surcharge propelled by a berserk enmity founded in the essence of conflict terror & resistance..

We are confident to say that this is the fastest, most blasting/blurring & most aggressive Grate/Grind unit of all time.