Vintage CyberMachineGrynd from the genius prism of Italy’s anchorite misanthropic atrabilious protagonist Fulvio Diverio. This sensational analogue lofi slatternly raucous turbo blastbeat Hard-Vac torrent lathers on FX & distortion fermentation, yielding an advanced strain of CyberGrind, extrapolating dimensions of IDM countenance & themes <not genres> to the Grindcore rubric with a unique vocal condition that operates solely on modified samples. In reference to weird Grind-themed fast blasting FX heavy Cyber-Punk Bio-Mek, this shit runs the roost. The short 30-45 second vaults clamor with a dirty massively contumacious energy-flux deeply diverse & expertly compositional implementation all finished with a stark digressive finality. Follicle fissuringly awesome shiznoz mothafukuz!