Bollock Swine


Perhaps the peak of preposterous, this unimaginable Torikowashi, Hard-Vacuum, Blur-Blast, Drill-N-Waste, User-Hostile, screaming Asian Girls Brayk/Fray/Riot-Gear Neko-Neko-Noyzcore Harlequin-Hayz-Hop ornate obscenity autoschedian over-turbulence multi-metaplasiac Blur recherché Harsh Noise Abnorm freak-frenzy lays waste to pretty much every barricade, restriction, accepted practice/definition & limit of the noisegrind/fucked-up idiom with the most intemperate excess of preternatural pummeling & cataclysmic labile emergency with tons’ & tons of Tatsumaki Blurbeat triturating, mincing & mangling frantic fast-picking string-stripper delirium-blur, oblique & berserk, amok, hysterically intemperate, superhuman, animal-insect-alien kingdom, beyond the bodies capacity feats of frenetic fury from demagogue Anti-Listener clerics Donkey of Asscavern & th Jester of All Blur an Blast Kikanju Baku. Decking out th damify defacing damage doling are groups of inebriated amateur Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese girls ululating their innards out, vocal screeling melting mic’s with matriarch mutation mantics oestrogen-overwhelm smashed into Stridor Maul & harsh Experimental expulsions of cacophonic Strentor mastery from th likes of Yasutoshi Yoshida {Government Alpha}, Minzo Shiroma {sweet sounds of the burning child} prizing the parallax & peregrine perspective into further contortions & utter abnormality intoxicated by a gallimaufry of sampling, FX pedals, distortions to further protuberate the profundity & paroxysm pandemic & psychotic psychedelia.

Irrefutably the fastest (by centuries), most Warp,Blur,Hard-Vac,Tatsumaki,Blasting, weirdest, unpredictable wildly erratic & most frenzied/corybantic Gunk/No-Skool-Noyzcore/NoyzGryn outfit ever’ ever 2 subvert/split n’ splay & malformate with an induction of atrociously Avant-Garde improbably Harsh exogamic unearthly spontaneous spasmodic inorthodoxy & antiphonic adventurism !!!

 North-East Asia, UK & USA