Mourmansk 150


Controversial French grand master of seditionary strategy, rejectionism, confrontation reinforced by preposterously harsh & staggeringly violent/wrathful Stridor savagery for abject mauling & disfigurement. M150’s various arrests, searching of living quarters & confiscation of equipment by the inferiorities along with playing/broadcasting live from the G8 summit in Genoa during the riots as a “testimony to the violence” assert M150 into a uniquely sovereign category of distinction & provocation. Ethical extremity, trenchant calumniation of the West & violent repudiation at the horrors of the modern urban environment & globalized orthodoxy & acquiescence, all bludgeoned & grated by some Frankenstein compository of anti-capitalist misanthropic, left wing extremist, riotous objectionist political vandalism on the quest for  extraction, autonomy, depuration, solatium, manumition & of course revenge for sphere, self & species. Mourmansk’s earlier tenure assaulted with the most harsh, hateful, stupendously violent & incinerating unremittent Stridor-maul negation we have heard in Noise, period, & this is the epoch that LOD/TGS concentrates on & releases. The unit has since permutated & had a Power Electronics & Distress conversion of sorts.