神经刺痛 – Where ya’ been?

Four or five year gestation process. Anyhoo, th motherfucker is here, with an unintentional conjoined-twin <more on that later).  神经刺痛 – finalized with fourteen participants/in-patients & running at over 87 minutes of material. An exigent lobour of struggle-stippled Sisyphean body-count, we inevitably got there in th promised hind-quarters of draconian-diligences skinned teeth. The final quorum runs as follows – OPS-PSF (Tokyo), Miracle Power Combination (Texas), Bollock Swine (Korean peninsula, London), Qebrus (France), New World (Tokyo/Osaka), 886VG (Chile), Sewage (Akita), Wage-Slave Exchange (Akita), sweet sounds of the burning child (Ryuku Isles), Animal Machine (London), Shit Noise Bastards (Malaysia), Sedem Minut Strachu (Slovakia), Sodoma 93 (Greece) & Drogded (Hungary). Both Bollock Swine & New World contribute two separate & distinct sessions with variegated line-ups. We tried to load Xome & Nyctalops into th lather, but th caitiffs were too busy packing fudge! Pussies & politics. It turns out though, after all ordinance afforded, that th cassette-reel is just 10 seconds from rupturing as there is so much crammed onto this pink, luminescent-gunged bastard. So I had this concept, that added days of editing, fastidious-open-audio surgery… to mix each side as hulking chunks, connecting each cameo with a flash of hyper-anomalous fallery.. extra-esoteric samples & weirdo henka-confectionary with almost all entries also being edited specifically to create ‘drops’. Like, it wasn’t just enough to scramble some of th very’ very’ very nut-fuckest barons of Anti-Listener banjax, it had to be enhanced & further curlicued by artisan editing, just to push that fucking boat even further out to th gerdem sharks/giant vampire squids. Th results, centuple th somersaults…ripping clean through that atmosphere & disappearing from view ^ ^ . what are we talking about here? – Artisan User-Hostile Hard-Vac, Gunk, Blur, Noisegirnd, Harsh Henka Glitch Stridor, No-Skool-Noyzcore, Gush-Gyna, Warp, Blast-Blur, Distortion, Torikowashi Noise Junk. Every indulgence exonerated…yu kno our reputation, & if yu don’t? here’s yet another fitting gauge of confirmation to settle all fucking scores empirical. Now, th format n’ shit… semi pellucid pink cassette, with specialized stamp, custom made black ink stamp, either translucent green n’ blue or aqua-coloured case, colour sticker cover, colour obi & giant fold-out double sided poster, with th acclaimed Jigokuki graphic-mélange. Hand numbered to 911 copies. More on this motherfucker will be impending through bleg! (as there are so many stories, parallels & areas of idiosyncratic detail that might as well be analyzed/exposed).

Bollock Swine-enchanted fruity melon esculents/Law Facilitates Crime-thought encryption split cassette:

& th gods wept continually! For fuuuuucks-sakes!!! – Bollock Swine, in full Torikowashi, Hard-Vacuum, Tatsumaki, Blurbeat, Blast-marathon berserk mode! These x8 extirpators (9.33 minutes) are dredged from th historic 2005 Chicago sessions with founding member Donkey from Asscavern on guitar (& occasionally bass) & of course- ‘Maddest of all Motherfukurz’ Kikanju Baku on drums…rule-book destroying, drum-machine short-circuiting, record-shattering hyper Blur-Blast-Neko-Neko-Noyzcore Gunk Warp. Too fast! Stupido! Ridiculous! incomparable Shred-blur-tatsumaki-Gunk Neko-Neko-Noyzcore with a retinue of modified samples & ‘enhanced-breathlessness’ crops & drops (without cheating, track combining or overdubbing). Absurdist instrumental Anti-Listener Noise-blur-vac with secondary snares, cow-bells & jam-blocks long before th que was formed. If yu have any even vaguely authentic claim to over-speeding, hyper blast-beats, blur-beats or ‘uniquel’ OTT Noisegrind/Noisecore, these distinctly insane shits took it further than anybody else as is so traumatically demonstrated….here it is motherfuckers…can yu handle it?

Law Facilitates Crime’s “thought encryption” ep at last. eleven trax in 9.31 minutes, hyper dexterous, ultra-tight & outrageously fast Gratecore, Math-Grind, Grindcore with th kind of ferocious political dissidence & intellectual-out-thinking stuffed in th waist-band. Lashings of surly blasting/hyper blasts & hurtling single-kick pedal D-beat (not to mention th exclusive ‘Q-beat’, another notch on th pantheon). Vocals never got th chance (times, budget, fuckries), so this is purely instrumental adrenalin suffused rip-roar. with th exception of one single four second deliberation, there is not a single ‘slow/mid-paced’ moment…everything is high-speeding attack! attack! attack! including dramatic speed jumps, deft as fuck 180’s & all manner of gracile, joint-splittingly dynamic, hyper complex but astonishingly vicious & gnarled mega-blat. Kikanju Baku kicking-out machine-grind standard shelling, single foot pedal, no triggers, no drum-overdubs or linking of trax, all live/single drum takes.

Neon-green cassette with hand-inked sides, regular full colour double-sided cassette inlay (BS cover by Simon Morse), fold out verso with th usual riot of thorough nut-fuckery & subulate quality, hand-numbered to 333 copies.

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